Why Vail Valley Escape Room?
Our escape room is fun for everyone – so bring your friends, dates, coworkers, families and neighbors. It’s a new entertainment venue, and a great change from the usual dinner, movie or bar scene. To win you have to work together – the race is against the clock, not each other. You may just learn things about your partner, friends and family you didn’t know before!
Am I really locked in a room?
The room does have a locked door to exit from but an emergency exit will always be available.
How long does an adventure last?
Each adventure is designed to last about 60 minutes but shorter times are up to the effectiveness of your group’s problem solving abilities.
Do we need any special skills or knowledge?
Nope! This escape game will give you an adrenaline rush, but it only requires the ability to observe, open your mind to creative thought and apply logic. Just remember, everything in the escape room is there for a reason (even if it is just a red herring!)
What should I bring?
The only thing you need is your brain, but a good sense of humor helps… Otherwise all materials will be provided.
How many people can be in a room?
We suggest at least 2, but are rooms are designed to fully accommodate up to 8 people for a truly immersive experience.
Will I be in a group with strangers?
If you do not book all available participant slots, then you may be grouped with strangers. However, a majority of the times we find that this enhances the experience.
Can I use my cell phone?
Phone use to assist with the game is prohibited, and using your phone for this purpose will disqualify you. Also, any video or photography of the Adventures will result in immediate removal without a refund.  You may keep your phone but using it will take away from your experience.
What am I NOT allowed to have with me in the game?
  • Use of any outside resources such as, but not limited to:
  • cell phones
  • any device not provided within the games
  • tools
  • writing utensils of any kind (if a game requires a writing device it will be provided within the game)
  • weapons of any kind
Can I take pictures?
Taking pictures or video of the room in any capacity is strictly forbidden, otherwise you are more than welcome to photograph the lobby, and pictures can be provided from your Vail Valley Escape Room Game Master.
Are there clues?
Yes there are clues! But it’s important to investigate your entire environment thinking about your interactions with the setting.
Can I use the bathroom?
We ask that you use the restroom before the start of the game; arriving 10-15 minutes early should take care of this. However, if a participant signals the Game Master they will be allowed to leave for a restroom break as the game continues in their absence.
Are there age restrictions?
We do recommend our participants be at least 6 years old, but any groups with participants 17 and under will need to be accompanied by at least one responsible adult, 18 years of age or older.
Do I have to make reservations in advance?

Yes, we take reservations up to 2 hours before the session online. If you would like to come in within 2 hours, feel free to call and check availability. Though not encouraged, walk-ins will be accommodated based on availability.

Can I buy gift certificates?
Yes! Please click ¬here for more information.
Can I schedule a party or special occasion?
Yes! We believe Vail Valley Escape Room is the perfect destination for your next party, or special occasion however currently we are not equipped to accommodate more than 10 people at maximum per session.
Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, we will need you to sign a waiver when you arrive. For a copy of waiver please click here for more information.
What is your cancelation/change policy?

Please contact Vail Valley Escape Room 48 hours or more in advance of your reservation time and request a new reservation or a full refund. If you cancel within 24-48 hours of your reservation, we will attempt to reschedule you or issue a 50% refund at your request. If you cancel within 24 hours, there is no refund unless we can fill your spot with a new player; we’ll open up the space when you notify us.

What happens if I’m late?
There’s no penalty for being late except the time you will have in the room. Unfortunately since we book rooms back to back we are not typically able to offer more time for your adventure besides your reserved block.
Where is Vail Valley Escape Room?
Vail Valley Escape Room is located in the heart of Avon Colorado, at 110 East Beaver Creek Blvd, in the Buck Creek Plaza, directly above Beaver Liquors in Unit #201.
Where do I Park?

There is parking directly below the building, and overflow parking about 120 yards diagonal of the building in front of the sun and Ski parking lot at the corner of E Benchmark RD. and Chapel PL.
Follow the sidewalks down E Benchmark Rd and Beaver Creek PL towards Beaver Liquors. We will be on the second floor.

What if my question isn't answered here?
Feel free to give us a call (970-949-6275) or email us at info@mtnescape.com and we will do our best to assist you with your question.